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4 Easy Steps How to Connect iPod to Car Radio

by:Gogosunny     2020-08-08
There are several different ways to connect your iPod to car audio system. In this article I want to talk about how to connect iPod to car radio. So you do not have to burn CD's anymore only to enjoy your favorite songs, it is really waste your time and money. The happy news is it does not require any wire to connect your iPod to your car radio. The only thing you need is an FM transmitter. How it works? The iPod FM transmitter uses an empty radio station in your location to play the iPod. Then it transmits the music from the iPod to your car radio in full stereo sound. Here are the steps: 1. Plug your iPod into the FM transmitter. 2. Turn on both devices. 3. Choose the suitable frequency. And it must be less interfered. 4. Tune the car radio to that frequency. With the 4 easy steps then you are able to listen the music from your iPod. It can be a simplest and cheapest choice. Choosing the FM transmitter that plugs into the car cigarette adapter is recommended because it allows for your iPod charging while the music is being played by the iPod. Here are the benefits: 1. Wireless connect to your car audio system. 2. It is small and easy to carry. 3. Although it uses signal to transmit the sound to the car audio system, but the sound is clean and listenable. 4. You will never continually switching CD just in order to change the music.
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