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Avoiding The Speed Cameras With The Snooper

by:Gogosunny     2020-09-08
Speed cameras are the bane of most drivers' lives. They can you catch you out even when you didn't have a clue about the speed limit or you were accidentally going one mile over the limit. Avoid the intrepid trap of the speed camera and speed related accidents with the Snooper Lynx GPS speed camera detector. Using the newest innovative GPS technology, the Snooper Lynx provides you with that much needed help on the roads to avoid fixed speed cameras. The snooper also uses advanced wireless GPRs technology to alert you via of mobile speed traps which are used to monitor speed in areas often without fixed cameras. The Snooper won't let cameras catch you out as it warns you of any camera, whether mobile or permanent, in the vicinity. The Snooper Lynx prowls the daily updated database to alert you of: -Mobile police, -Speed cameras such as Gatso Cameras & Truvelo Cameras etc, -Speedcurbs, -Watchmen, -Multi Lens Gatso, -Accident Blackspots, -Mobile Laser Sites; and -High Risk Zones etc. Moreover, the Snooper Lynx is unlike any camera detector as it hunts the out by using its internal memory, which remembers those cameras, and live updates, which notify you of new or mobile speed cameras. The updates use a great number of sources to determine speed (mobile and fixed) cameras positions accurately and are updated on a daily basis, so you never miss out. The database for Snooper not only updates you with the latest speed (mobile and fixed)cameras, it lets you share with the rest of the snooper community, the cameras you have discovered along your journey. This information then goes onto the database alerting drivers in that area of the speed (fixed and mobile)cameras. This enables for Snooper users to have reliable and trustworthy alerts from drivers who have already been past the cameras. Of course any information on the database is verified by the Snooper team, to always make sure the information you get is accurate and precise. Unlike most databases for speed camera detectors, the speed camera information is always up to date and accurate. Moreover, updates are relayed into your system in a matter of seconds, so you'll never miss a camera. The Snooper Lynx also has a digital LCD display for high visibility and can be mounted on a windscreen or even used on motorcycles by use of an earphone socket. Its 3 hour battery life lets you spy out speed cameras on short to long journeys, making it useful on a day to day basis and on out of the ordinary longer journeys.
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