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Best Car Stereo - A Ferrari With a Top OEM Sound System

by:Gogosunny     2020-09-08

Best Car Stereo OEM - One can argue the necessity of a top sound system in a Ferrari with a 350,8 cu in. V12 engine revving at 8000 rpm. However the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is a different breed of car. It is still a fast sports car, but also a comfortable 2+2 Grand Tourer. This car is build to eat up miles and miles of asphalt and this task authorizes the installation of top class OEM sound system as the Bose Media System. Experience - Listening to music onboard the Ferrari 612 is an immersive experience. The sound quality can be compared with a high end home entertainment system. The 5.1 digital surround sound is very crisp and clear. The presented sound is very rich, spatial and distinct, the bass is deep, sharp and balanced. The system performs very well with any kind of music ranging from classical music to hard-rock. More than just a Stereo - But the Bose Media System in the Ferrari is more than just a stereo. It integrates audio and video presentation with high tech satellite navigation and hands-free phone functionality in one complete package. The system includes a 30 Gb hard drive for music storage and 11 best car speakers including separate front and rear subwoofers. The drive for quality shows off in the digital FM receiver that utilizes 3 separate antennas in different locations of the car thus ensuring the best possible reception quality. The Bose system has all the bells and whistles you can expect from an expensive system like this. This car cd radio includes voice control; an AM, FM and XM satellite radio; a CD player that supports a large variety of disk formats; a USB port, Bluetooth connectivity for cell phones; iPod connection; TV and a very fast updating navigation system with text-to-speech capability and real-time traffic updates. Controls - The complete In-car Sound System can be controlled through an integrated 6.5 in. widescreen LCD controller placed in the center stack of the 612 cockpit. The screen is flanked by normal rotary knobs that control the display functionalities. A uMusicTM intelligent playback system automatically stores and organizes your music on the internal hard disk, learning from your listening preferences and making successive selections for you based on tone and rhythm analysis, independent of genre, singer/composer or album. Trip and car assistance information can also be displayed on the system monitor.                                

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