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Can Wayward GPS Auto DVD Players Drive You Out

by:Gogosunny     2020-08-18
Everybody has heard, and laughed at, stories of tourists following their GPS units unthinkingly. So much so that they plow into a building, or a lake or into oncoming traffic. But what implication does this have for online resellers and is it something that we should be concerned about? And if so what can you do to prevent yourself being hit? A reseller is usually culpable when they themselves have provided the GPS auto DVD players with software which they have implied is complete when it is in fact cracked or just a sample edition. This creates problems for your buyers when they go to update the software and find that they can't or try to use the outdated software and get themselves into trouble. If this is the case then the buyer can say that they have been mislead by the seller and it will lead to, at the very least lower online reputation and lawsuits at the other end of the scale. So how do you get round being hit in such a circumstance? It goes without saying then that you need to ensure you're not the one sourcing auto DVD players with cracked software. You can do this in several ways: * Get in contact with the supplier and ask them if the software they are providing is the genuine article. * Buy a sample for yourself and set it up, if the software has sample over it, it isn't genuine. You might want to also try updating the software from your home computer to make sure it is a genuine license. To prevent the risk of steering your customer wrong in the first place you may want to only stock 'GPS ready' auto DVD players instead and make them responsible for handling their GPS software. GPS ready means that the operating system has been prepared for GPS software but none has been installed. But now regardless of whether you've made sure your customers are getting genuine GPS software or you've passed the responsibility completely onto the buyer you may not be in the clear yet. Customers are eager to blame their mistakes on someone else so when THEY slip up while using the GPS they are going to want to blame YOU or the software provider. To get around this it is useful to provide them with a handful of helpful tips, either on a sheet of paper, or as an email, just to remind them that, like man, GPS navigation units aren't infallible and they are going to need to use their brains once and a while. Tips you might like to include are: * Please update your GPS software as soon as you have installed your car DVD player and check for software updates at least once a month * If you notice an error with the GPS software's directions please don't hesitate to get in contact with the software provider so they can improve the service for everybody. * This GPS navigational software is meant as an aide only. Please take into account any warning signs or driving conditions you may encounter while driving By following these very simple tips you are sure to keep solid relationships with your customers and build up a reputation as the 'go to person' for auto DVD players.
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