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Car DVD Player 101 - What Is ATSC?

by:Gogosunny     2020-08-31
In this episode of Car DVD player 101, we are going to have a discussion over the question: what is ATSC? How does it work in a car DVD player. ATSC stands for 'Advanced Television Systems Committee.' Actually it is a set of standards on how sound and video are encoded and transmitted, which now includes 18 commonly used digital formats.T he United States is the first country in North America to quit analog broadcasting signal which provides a poor quality of picture and sound compared with even the lowest quality standard of ATSC. Canada and Mexico are now considering make a sweeping switch from analog signals to ATSC. HDTV is the top level of ATSC standards, but whether you could see a high-definition picture and hear a clear sound depends on two factors. First the station that you followed should be broadcasting a high-definition signal that meet ATSC standards, secondly you have to have the right device to receive and view it which means that you should get a overall picture on the equipment that you shelled out money for. Vertical Scan Lines Vertical scan lines refer to the number of horizontal lines a television can display to create an image. As the number of lines increase, more information is displayed, resulting in better picture quality. Traditional analog TVs can display approximately 480 lines, while high-definition television can display up to 1080 lines. Horizontal Pixels Each horizontal line in a TV is made up of individual dots (pixels). The higher the number of pixels, the finer the TV picture becomes. Horizontal pixel measurements using today's technology can range from 250 for a VCR to as much as 500 for a DVD player. Typical digital TV broadcasts have at least 640 pixels. Aspect Ratio Aspect ratio identifies the ratio of the TV screen's width over its height. A 16:9 aspect ratio refers to a wide-screen picture format, while a 4:3 refers to a standard TV format. Scan Mode Interlaced scanning is a method that creates a TV picture with alternating lines of information and is the cause for flickering. Progressive scanning is a method that creates a TV picture with consecutive lines of information that results in flicker-free picture quality. Frame Rate Motion picture on your TV is generated by a series of still pictures that changes from picture to picture at a very fast rate. This rate is measured by the number of still pictures (frames) displayed within one second of time. The higher the frame-rate, the smoother the picture displayed. In our next topic we are going to learn more about how HDTV works.
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