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Car DVD Player Mysteries - The Difference Between

by:Gogosunny     2020-08-18
Nowadays, more people than ever are looking at their vehicles as a kind of entertainment center-on-wheels. And what entertainment center would be complete without a DVD player? For people who might be thinking of getting a car DVD player there is one question that must be answered, What is the difference between 2 DIN and 1 DIN car DVD players? In fact it could well be THE essential question to ask before laying down serious money to get a car DVD installed in the car. For those who are unsure of what DIN means exactly it stands for Deutsches Institut für Normung which, when translated, means German industry standards. So translated literally, 1 DIN is German industry standard one and 2 DIN is German industry standard 2. Thankfully you don't need to worry about it. All you need to know is that a 1 DIN player is basically standard width and height while a 2 DIN player is twice the width and height, meaning extra sound equipment or a tuner can be added to the excitement. People should understand why something like 1 DIN and 2 Din because they will need to know which type of car DVD player they can buy. Changing anything in the dashboard is a difficult job and, as a result it's best to buy the car DVD player that fits into the space on your dash. The easiest way to figure out if you're dealing with a single or a double DIN player is to look at its size. A double will always be twice as large as a single and will feature something else besides just the basic DVD player. Remember, though; you really need to make sure that you have enough space in the dashboard and that it's been pre-wired or otherwise set up for a double DIN player or you're going to be looking at a few problems. The number one thing anyone should do before going for any aftermarket car DVD player is to make sure that what's being promised is going to be delivered. Make sure the dashboard can accommodate one of those monster player setups before shelling out any cash for installation or a player itself, for one, and always check to make sure that you're getting the right size player appropriate for the car.
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