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Car DVD Player Mysteries - What is ISDB-T?

by:Gogosunny     2020-08-14
Today's modern car DVD players are versatile machines. Not only do many come with a wide array of features (GPS navigation, the ability to receive analog TV signals, several different kinds of audio file decoding capabilities etc.) but they also can be used in many parts of the world, each with its own method of sending and receiving digital broadcast signals. Answering the question 'Car DVD player mysteries: What is ISDB-T?' might be something worth looking at when trying to figure out how a car DVD player works. For starters, every car DVD player works to handle incoming broadcast signals for radio, television or other information in certain ways. One of the things the player has to do is make sense of the digital broadcast signal standard in use in the country in which the player is being used. There are several different classes of signal around the world and ISDB ('Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting') is one of them. This particular way of sending and receiving digital signals (analog broadcast signals for TV and radio are quickly going away in terms of popularity and usage) is a Japanese-developed standard for how digital television and digital radio stations send and receive those signals. It is also a replacement for what was called 'MUSE,' or 'high-vision' analog high-definition TV (HDTV). With digital signals, much more information can be delivered much more efficiently than with older-standard analog signals, by the way. Basically, ISDB-T is a way to efficiently compress digital audio and video signals such that a wide variety of formats (MPEG-2, JPEG and MPEG-4, for example) can be handled by a device. ISDB is versatile and comes in a wide variety of signal modulations (which have to do with the frequency the signal is beamed at). At any rate, several other countries besides Japan now make use of ISDB standards, including the Philippines and a number of nations in Central and South America (Brazil, El Salvador, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Venezuela are just a few). The types of devices that can make use of ISDB-T tuners to take in these digital signals is varied, and one might see it on devices like car DVD players, cellular phones that can take in digital broadcast signals and also laptop computers that can do the same thing. Around the world, standards for digital broadcast vary as well, with some countries falling under what's called ATSC (new to North America, it replaced the older NTSC standard in mid-2009 and is projected to completely take over in Mexico by 2021 and Canada by 2011) and others falling under DVB-T, to name just a couple examples. Today's modern devices must be versatile enough to be sold anywhere, of course, and may feature two or more such tuners in order to be able to be sold widely. It's also easy enough to find out about just what standard your country is making use of by going online or by looking at the devices sold in your country, all of which will say just what broadcast standards they're capable of handling. Anybody considering purchasing a car DVD player should take comfort in knowing that most devices today will be able to handle a number of different signals, both efficiently and with a great deal of ease.
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