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by:Gogosunny     2020-08-07
In Auckland, New Zealand, the interest in cars and car stereo equipment has grown continuously for the past 35 years. The nation is rightly obsessed with high performance cars, customisation and of course with having the best car stereo equipment. One of the nations favourite television shows is a British import, Top Gear. Top Gear is aired on Prime TV and is watched religiously by New Zealand's petrol heads, as it always highlights the latest high performance vehicles. In Dargaville, New Zealand the popular Kaihohe Speedway (started in 1974) holds an annual Easter stampede, where competitors from all over New Zealand come to race around the 300 meter grass track. The usual turn out for the weekends racing numbers 4,500 spectators and approximately 200 drivers (huge numbers for New Zealand!). The races origins happened when the Kaikohe Boys went all around the North Island racing their cars, this subsequently led lots of race enthusiasts from around Northland to want to come and race back in Kaihohe. Due to the popularity in car racing around New Zealand there are lots of opportunities to undertake adrenaline experiences behind the wheel. Obviously New Zealand is known for its highly charged and dangerous sports such as bungee jumping, rap jumping and white water rafting (to name but a few), however, New Zealand is also known for its high adrenaline activities behind the wheel of a car. Some of the activities that can be enjoyed while in New Zealand are Go-Kart racing, 4WD bush safaris, stunt car driving, Holdon V8 hotlaps, driving Ford & Honda V8 race cars, BMW experiences and the infamous Formula challenge. So, if anyone is thinking of visiting New Zealand and partaking in some great fun, high speed activities, don't forget it is not all about bungee jumping and white water rafting, you can have a superb time out speeding around one of the many raceways.
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