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DAB Digital Radio: Is This The Time To Upgrade

by:Gogosunny     2020-06-23
DAB Digital Car Radio Views and News You may be aware that DAB - Digital Audio Broadcast - Radio is already up and running in the UK. You may even have a DAB Alarm Clock Radio or DAB Portable Radio at home already. In which case you will be aware of all the features and benefits these 'Cutting Edge' and very 'High Tech' DAB Radios have to offer. Things like a multitude of stations to choose from, extremely high quality sound with no hissing and fading, (something you may almost certainly have experienced with your old FM radio) and the very informative display which shows not only the Station the radio is tuned into but also the name of the music track being played AND the name of the artist! That is something your FM radio definitely can't do! So, should you upgrade your present analogue (FM) radio to a new DAB Car Radio now or wait a little bit longer? If you are fed up with fiddling around tuning in your FM radio and would prefer a radio which tunes itself in to all the available stations, wherever you are driving - and there are many stations to choose from - and you want the highest sound quality available then maybe you should consider upgrading now! Apart from being able to enjoy all that DAB Digital Radio has to offer immediately you may also avoid paying inflated prices once everyone else in the country suddenly realises that their old car radio is defunct and they need to upgrade or replace it - now!. It is estimated that around 24 million FM Car Radios will be affected by the UK's Digital Radio Switchover in 2015! You can probably imagine the last minute rush, the panic buying and the subsequent increase in prices of new DAB Radios and professional installation services in 2015! 'Supply and Demand' is something you will certainly be aware of and this may well force up the price of all things DAB related and cost you a packet! So now might be a good time to see what DAB in-car entertainment systems are available and to track down the best deals. There are several manufacturers in the DAB in-car entertainment systems market already. Top brands like JVC, Philips, Sony and of course Pure are all offering some excellent DAB Car Radios at the moment with many other manufacturers also very active in the marketplace. With so many products available choosing the best one for your car be a real challenge. Getting the best information can be a real money saver and help you avoid getting second best.
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