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Digital Radio

by:Gogosunny     2020-09-11

Traditionally, radio stations have always broadcasted in its regular, analog format. FM and AM radio could both be heard all over the world depending on the signal strength in each listening area. A couple of decades ago though, analog radio has been replaced by a better type of radio; digital radio. Satellite music has grown in popularity tremendously since it first debuted, and shows no signs of any decrease in popularity because it is all around better than traditional, analog radio. During the process of radio stations switching over from analog Satellite music, most stations broadcasted in a hybrid signal that could be heard by regular radio listeners as well as digital radio listeners. Over time however, the hybrid signals were no longer used because the complete switch over to digital finally happened. Analog radio offered a selection of different AM and FM radio stations in each listening area but once the switch over to digital was complete, listeners could enjoy even more stations in their area thanks in part to the stronger digital signal. With digital radio, FM stations were broadcasted with such a clear and crisp signal that the music sounded the same quality as that on a CD. AM stations also improved significantly by gaining the same sound quality as traditional FM radio. To listen to all of the advantages that radio had to offer, listeners would have to purchase a digital receiver to pick up the digital signals. Digital receivers could not only pick up all the newer digital stations, but they could also pick up all of the regular radio stations that were around before digital Satellite music. The downside to purchasing a digital receiver lies in the cost; the cost of a digital receiver was considered rather pricey when compared to a regular, non digital Satellite music. Traditional analog radio did have its advantages, such as when the signal strength became diminished, the stations would lose their sound quality slowly. However, with digital radio, should the signal become reduced, the stations will usually cut out completely; this is one of the major disadvantages to along with the cost of a digital receiver. All in all though, digital radio is coming along and progressing further and further as the year progress. While FM Satellite music has always been considered pretty good when it comes to quality of sound, digital radio is going to take FM radio above and beyond where it was previously with no signs of it slowing down.                                

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