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Do Not Buy A New Car Stereo System Until You Read This!

by:Gogosunny     2020-07-28
The car stereo systems that are factory have become so complex with numerous features, yet there are some car owners who still prefer better functionality and features, so they run to the market that provides more entertainment, safety, navigation, and convenience choices. If you are planning to replace your car stereo system, then you can either replace the factory unit or upgrade it with something more advanced. Replacing Your Factory Car Stereo System Replacing the pre-installed stereo system of your car allows you to do some customization and get the best performance. Buying a brand new stereo system enables you to choose the best speakers, amplifiers, receiver, accessories and subwoofers, and build a customized system based on your needs. You should know that there are some disadvantages when you replace your current audio system. You can do some upgrades to your stereo with system expansion components. Below is the summary of the benefits and drawbacks of each: Benefits and Drawbacks of Replacing the Factory Stereo System Benefits 1. It allows you to customize to get the best performance. 2. You can build the system according to your needs. 3. You can upgrade the system with the features that are not available in the system, such as high-powered speakers and subwoofers. Drawbacks 1. If you replace your factory audio system, then it will cost you some money. Any modifications in your car will always cost you something. 2. By doing this, you will void the warranty of your car. 3. If you sell your car, then you cannot take the system with you. Upgrading the Factory Audio System with System Expansion Components Upgrading your factory audio system lets you improve the performance and add features without the need of replacing the current audio system or tearing up the dash to setup new parts. System expansion units are accessible at Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood and others and allow you to add features and performance. Below is the summary of the benefits and drawbacks of upgrading your factory audio system: Benefits and Drawbacks of Upgrading the Factory Audio System Benefits 1. Allows you to add amplifiers, features, and components to the factory stereo system. 2. Components can be setup without the need to replace the stereo system. 3. It has no risk of voiding the warranty of your car. 4. It only costs you less compared to replacing the factory stereo system. Drawbacks 1. There is a possibility that you still have to replace the subwoofers and speakers, especially if you are upgrading the receivers and amplifiers. 2. System expansion components are very limited than replacing the audio system.
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