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Dual Screen Car DVD Player? How to Choose the Right One

by:Gogosunny     2020-08-23
So the bags are packed and in the boot, the car has a full tank of fuel and the children are in the back of the car with seat belts fastened. Brilliant! You finally are set to go on your journey right? Wrong! In this day and age and in this technology motivated society, long gone are the times when I spy or story tapes will entertain your little ones on what will feel like an endless journey. If you don't get with times and upgrade buy some sort of up to date in car entertainment you will realise very quickly exactly how much screaming and fighting you can tolerate. In a small confined space of the car it is usually not a lot. A dual screen car DVD player is a great place to start. They will keep your children entertained for hours with their favourite movies and programs. The portable in car DVD player will keep their little minds off of winding each up and annoying one another throughout your long journey. However, choosing a portable in car DVD player can be an absolute mission, there are hundreds to choose from and prices ranging from eighty pounds right up to five hundred pounds. You need to make sure you spend your money on the features that are important to you. If there are two, three or more children going to be watching the screens then look in to the size of the screens, or consider getting extra screens. Look at the fixings and make sure they will be compatible with your car. Also look at whether they have batteries and investigate how long they last. Longer the better. Another thing you may like to consider when choosing your dual screen car DVD player is whether you have a large age range between the children who are watching the screens. If you do then a good idea would be to look out for a dual screen which can play different discs at the same time. This will save some arguments from a teenager who doesn't want to watch Tweenies and a toddler who doesn't want to watch Lost. In this scenario you may need to look at dual screen car players which come with headphones, or purchase some in addition. Wireless ones are probably best so not to have too many trawling wires! Also look at portable in car DVD players which come with handy in car accessories such as in car chargers. Other features which may be important to you are the dual screen car DVD players which have passed crash safety tests. These ones are of a higher price but one you may feel worth paying. Other Portable DVD players can pick up freeview signal and be honest its hard to can't keep up they are changing all the time. If you are trying to choose yourself a Portable car DVD player with either one two or three screens and would like to read some product information and reviews then click this link.
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