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Five Things to Ask When Sourcing Car DVD Players

by:Gogosunny     2020-08-17
If you were an eBay seller and you were searching around for 'hot' products that you could resell that would give you good profit margins then you wouldn't have to look beyond the automotive DVD. Car DVD players are definitely on the hot seller item list and, providing you get the right supplier, you can make good margins on every sale. While car DVD players have always been solid sellers in the past they have taken off lately. As people upgrade their car entertainment systems they invariably look towards the benefit an automotive DVD can provide them, a consideration that has become more frequent as the car DVD turns up in more and more cars. One way to bump profit margins further is by choosing a wholesale supplier from China. Reputable wholesale suppliers are more than happy to give you the same level of assurance as a brand name DVD player for the car for less than half the price. This gives you a huge potential mark-up but doesn't essentially equal a license to print money. Before you even consider buying car DVD players from a supplier in China you should ask them these five questions: Question 1) What regions do these automotive DVDs work in? Not all DVD players are meant for all regions. It is safer, and better to buy car DVDs that are region free (meaning they will work all over the world). However, the least you should do is find out which region most of your customers live in and make sure you get car DVD players that play discs from those regions. Question 2) Will I get legal software? If you are buying or selling GPS capable car DVD players you need to make sure you are getting legal GPS software. If the software is a trial version and the customer is not aware of it the customer will not be able to upgrade it after the trial period. And once the trial period expires the customer will be left with a GPS car DVD that can't be used for GPS navigation. Question 3) Do they have a delivery guarantee? If you aren't provided with a Delivery Guarantee then there is no reason for you to buy products from a supplier, especially if you are dropshipping. What if the item is lost or damaged in transit? If there is no Delivery Guarantee, you will have to pay for a replacement not the supplier. Question 4) Will The supplier only deal with reputable couriers? If the supplier says they ship by Crusie Eric's Cheap Shipping & Pest Exterminators --- go back and find a different supplier. Question 5) Does The Supplier Use A Double Quality Control Checkng system? This should always be a question that eBay resellers ask their suppliers. Double Quality Control simply means products are inspected by QC both at the manufacturing plant, and then again at the supplier's warehouse. If this system is not in place there is a very good chance that goods from that supplier will be shoddy and will create many customer complaints. And nobody wants to see that. It is essential you ask any dropship supplier these five simple questions. Regardless of whether you are buying car DVD players or cardboard boxes. Because, in the end, it is your reputation is online, and that is one thing as an online retailer that you can't afford to risk.
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