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Get Plugged in With a Car MP3 Player

by:Gogosunny     2020-06-22
The MP3 player has conducted a hostile takeover of the music world, elbowing out the CD to climb its way to the top. It makes personalising your music easier through creating playlists, and some even have the ability to create automatic playlists from your music to a range of themes. Slip it into a pocket, put your earphones in and listen to whatever you want. Even when you're driving, it's easy to take your music collection with you. Car stereos have taken a while to come round to the new technology in music, and many new cars do not have inbuilt MP3 players in their audio systems. However, if your car stereo is broken or you simply feel the need to update it, car MP3 players can be easily found online or in shops. There are two main types of MP3 compatible player available for cars. The first has to be connected to an iPod or equivalent while the second can store MP3s directly. The first type of stereo is the cheapest and easiest to get hold of. A simple cable can connect your iPod or MP3 player to the stereo and it's really as easy as that. So long car journeys can be fun, not riddled with adverts and annoying DJs, or fiddling with CD cases. The second variety of MP3 car stereos can actually store music directly, although they also provide the option of plugging in your personal player to transfer or play music. How many files the car stereo can store depends on the model; some can store thousands of files, while others are more limited. Naturally, this in-car MP3 player is more expensive than the first type but, if you are willing to spend more, you can eliminate the need for messy cables and make the process even more convenient.
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