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Going Digital in 2010 With The Car Audio Digital

by:Gogosunny     2020-07-11
We've seen the FM radio, the tape player, the CD player and now - the Digital media player. New for 2010- the media player which plays solely your digital media, meaning there's no need for CDs any longer as it includes an Mp3/iPod dock instead of a CD player. A digital Sony or Pioneer media player is a great gift for those who never leave their iPod behind. In fact, it's this year's must have as it not only docks your iPod/Mp3, getting rid of the irritating wires that clog up your car, new media players also have a number of other useful and exclusive functions. The most recent release of digital media player is the Sony DSX-S100, a digital stereo that includes a user friendly menu that allows you to navigate via artist, album etc from your stereo, the Tune Tray that safely stores your iPod from prying eyes and a very useful warning system that tells you that you've left your iPod behind after turning the ignition off - you'll certainly never forget your iPod ever again! The Sony DSX-S100 is looking to set a new standard for Sony as they begin to transform their range of car audio systems from CD/Mp3 players to the digital media stereo. New technologies integrated could include, the new up and coming Zappin technology which lets you search for tracks by playing a sample of the chorus from each, further allowing your eyes to be on the road rather than on the stereo. Pioneer are also set to revolutionize the car audio system alongside Sony. They have already released a number of Mp3/SD card/USB only stereos with extra functions such as Bluetooth, making the newest stereos the leaders in the car audio industry for digital media. It looks like the car CD player may be a thing of the past to be replaced by the Digital media stereo. So is this really the death of the CD player? Maybe not quite yet as CD players still continue to be quite popular. But with Digital media players taking over and costing no more, it does seem that in a few years we may have to say a final goodbye to the Car CD player.
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