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How long will it take if I want car audio mp3 player sample?
It depends on whether you have specific requirements for the car audio mp3 player sample. Usually, we will send a normal sample. After the sample is shipped, we will send you an email notification of the status of the order. If you encounter a delay in receiving a sample order, please contact us immediately and we will help you confirm the status of the sample.

Shenzhen Gogosunny Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. is a famous manufacturer for providing innovative car android. We have built a good reputation in the industry. Gogosunny Electronics produces a number of different product series, including car mp3 player. The product is not affected by UV ray. Even it is exposed under the UV ray for a long time, it can still maintain its original colors and performance. Unlike single-use batteries, the product contains heavy metal elements that allow it to be recharged over and over. So people are free of dealing with useless batteries. Adopting the loss-less audio format, it supports bass/treble/balance/fader adjustment.

All of our members strive to establish the first brand of car dvd player. Contact!
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