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How to Add High Quality Sound to Your Car CD Mp3 Player

by:Gogosunny     2020-09-04
Car audio systems are simply more complex than they use to be. You used to hook up speakers to your tape playing stereo, but nowadays you have a set of different speakers to set up with your car CD mp3 player, known as component speakers. Component speakers feature a number of different speakers, which are subwoofers, tweeters and crossovers. Between these three speakers, you can generate high quality sound in your car. Subwoofers allow you to hear the bass in music. The bass can be picked up solely by this massive speaker in order for you to hear the lower frequencies in music, whilst tweeters allow you to hear the higher pitchers or higher frequencies, such as singing. Crossovers are also featured in component systems as external instruments. They direct a specific frequency to each of the speaker types, subwoofer and tweeter, so that each speaker does not strain itself in order to produce frequencies out of their range. A crossover then acts as a guide for frequencies, so that frequency signals do not go to the wrong speaker or are reproduced. Component speakers enable you to get the best out of your music. Unlike manufactured in-car speakers, they separate the tweeter and subwoofer. This separation is advantageous to you as it means the tweeter's sound waves won't affect the subwoofers. Although, manufactured in-car speakers often take up less space, as they are on unit, and do not have to be installed, the overall quality of sound is sacrificed due to the close proximity of opposite sound waves. So if sound is your top priority, over time and space in your car, opting for component speakers may be the best option for you.
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