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How to Install a Car Radio - Do It All by Yourself

by:Gogosunny     2020-06-25
The sound system in a car is a focal point for many people. The better the system the better the sound and that is good for everyone. It is rather easy to find a new radio but the tricky part comes with installation. There are two options available, go to an auto shop or do it yourself. Why would you want to install a car audio system yourself? Now you may be wondering why you would want to do this yourself when you can get someone else to do it. When you DIY it you do feel a sense of accomplishment. This is also added to the fact that you then do not have pay anyone for the work and in today's economic climate that is great. How to install a car radio and car speakers There are some easy to follow steps when you do this so it should not be too daunting. 1. Create a plan Never start any DIY work without a plan. The radio that you buy will generally come with some instructions. Read these first. By doing this you will ensure that you have all the tools and wiring that you will need. It doesn't hurt to write out a plan that you can follow as you won't have to remember everything that way. 2. Replace the head unit Now the head unit is the part of the radio that you work with to control the system. When you buy this make sure you are getting one that is the right size as your car already has a hole for it. There are two sizes available, single din and double din. You can fit a single din into a double din if you buy an adaptor plate. 3. Getting power to your system Once you have replaced your head unit you get onto the harder parts of DIY car radio installation. In order to power your system you will need an amp. Make sure the amp you get will have enough power for the whole system. When you install the amp you should put it in a place that you can reach with both hands. Before you begin it is best that you disconnect the negative wire on the battery. 4. Install the car speakers and subwoofer Now that the hard park is over and your system has power it is time to put in the important parts. The speakers and subwoofer are what really make your system. If you are not going for a custom job it is best to get speakers that will fit into the pre-existing speaker holes. You also need to make sure that your subwoofer is compatible with your speakers. Many speakers will come with a recommended subwoofer. Installing a car radio does not need to be seen as harder than it really is. When doing it DIY style you simply need to have a good plan that you follow. Also make sure you measure everything before you buy parts because you don't want to be halfway through when you realise a component is too large or too small.
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