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How to Pimp Out Your Car's DVD Listings Without

by:Gogosunny     2020-06-28
You don't have to be a fortune teller to see that car DVD players are going to be the next big thing in electronics. Drivers are gradually replacing their car stereos with a car DVD and there are over 12,000 listings on eBay for Car Video/DVDs as a result. So if you are selling automotive DVD players online then you are going to be getting some good profits. But how can you maximize the return from your site? The best way is to offer car DVD accessories, components that don't cost as much as a car DVD but can be added onto the unit to make the driver's experience on the road safer and more enjoyable. Putting these products on your store alongside car DVD players will help you in a number of ways, which will be immediately visible: * You can offer more special deals with more than product * You will be able to lift yourself above other car DVD vendors easier * You will make more money per user * You will get more longtail keyword traffic * Your customers will be tempted to spend more than they initially planned to. So what accessories can you list alongside your automotive DVD players? The Car PC: This is the 'mac daddy' of auto accessories. The car PC will transform the customers DVD player into a mobile internet, gaming, security and communication center straight out of the knight rider series. A fully functional PC will take a car DVD Player from just performing the functions of a DVD and car stereo to being a mobile internet platform in the customers' car. With free online functions like Google maps and Yahoo maps the driver will also have a quasi GPS system. With all these features it might come at a shock that a car computer won't be that expensive. Prices start from USD 150 onwards. Bluetooth Car kits: Bluetooth car kits are another great choice to list as they are almost essential driver safety devices and don't cost the earth. These enable drivers to talk on their cell phones while driving. The receiver is routed via the car speakers, while there is an external mike that the driver talks into, without having to take his hands off the wheel and eyes of the road. Reversing Cameras: Car DVDs also act as great parking devices. Reversing cameras are visibility aides that are fitted into the back of the car. They connect to the DVD player and give a series of visual aides to help them better understand what is going on behind them. Stock these cameras and your customers will be snapping them up happy in the knowledge that they can get into tight parking spaces safer and faster than they have before. With prices ranging from USD 35 onwards they make very viable impulse buy items to suggest before the customer goes through with that big car DVD sale. Fun Accessories: The presence of a LCD screen in the car opens up a world of possibilities for in-car entertainment. One option is connecting a car video recorder to your car DVD to allow for instant playback and a permanent record of what is happening on the road. This, of course, takes the back seat driving experience to a whole new level, but that's probably a small price to pay for the security you will feel when you realize that you will always have an impartial set of eyes the next time you are involved in an accident. Digital TV receivers, speakers, amplifiers, video boosters, and sound activated lights, the list of products that you can offer along with your car DVD player is almost endless and is sure to keep your customers interested and happy. These are some things to take into consideration when listing these car DVD accessories: How Easily Can It Be Installed? Some of the products listed here need just to be plugged in to work while others might require the help of a professional. Make sure the customer knows exactly how much work will be involved in the fitting of the unit. Will This Improve the Drivers' Experience? The biggest thing you should be asking yourself as a reseller is whether or not the items you list make driving a safer and more pleasant experience for your customers. Safety products are generally always hot, and products like the rear-view camera or Bluetooth calling kits that enhance car safety will be hit, especially with parents. Sound quality has always been a critical issue in car entertainment and any accessories that enhances that is critical. Today, the car DVD is to auto electronics what the netbook is to computing. This means demand and competition for this category is huge. Lift yourself above the rabble by listing accessories and you won't just find yourself being noticed more you will be making more money per customer as well.
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