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Is An In Dash Car DVD System Of Any Real Benefit?

by:Gogosunny     2020-07-02
If you spend a lot of time in your car either waiting for your kids to finish their activities or perhaps in between jobs or taking rest stops if driving long distances, the benefits of an in-dash car DVD system soon become apparent. Rather than the standard car stereo which we would be lost without, upgrading to an in dash DVD player opens up a new world of in-car entertainment. Pop in a DVD, sit back and relax - not only are you able to spend the time doing something enjoyable but it gives you the perfect opportunity to catch up on your favourite programmes. In dash TFT monitors are available in various sizes but the 7-inch is probably one of the more popular sizes. This size is great for the driver to view but also enables a passenger in the back to watch in comfort. If however you plan on buying an in dash car DVD system with the back seat passengers more in mind, it would be better to either buy another monitor and set it up in the back or perhaps buy a portable DVD player instead. Listen to some music or if you don't fancy listening to the same CDs or having to burn a new one, simply download your tracks straight to your MP3 player and plug it in. This is a really convenient feature and one that most in dash DVD receivers now make possible. Ideal for catching up on your favourite podcasts. Some DVD systems also enable you to navigate your iPod through the use of an adapter. Sort out your play lists and organize your iPod when you have some time to spare. This is made a lot easier because of a larger screen. Touchscreen controls which most DVD receivers now have all make for easy navigation with just a small tap to the screen. Apart from the convenience of the touchscreen, it just looks good and will definitely be the topic of conversation at some point. Another great benefit of having an in dash DVD system is that a number of them allow you to add a rear view camera which means you don't even have to turn your head in order to park your vehicle. Manoeuver into the tightest spots without any hassle. These are only some of the benefits of having an in dash DVD player but there are so many other features that will surely impress you.
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