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Kenwood - Bringing More Music to Your Car

by:Gogosunny     2020-08-21
An in-dash DVD player not only lets you play your DVD's whilst on the go, but lets you play so much more music - ideal if you have a long journey ahead of you. Kenwood's new DVD player line is perfect for music lovers who need high capacity storage for their music. Up till not very long ago, most people opted for car CD Mp3 players in their car; however in recent times this has since changed - mainly because the in-dash DVD player has been invented for the use of cars. Now the DVD player is an all time favourite in the car- not only because it entertains the kids, but because it can play DVD discs which can store so many more songs than the conventional CD-R/RW. A DVD disc can store around a 1000 songs, which is as much as an Mp3 player can hold. If you find MP3 players bothersome or simply can't be bothered to hook it up but still want your music collection in your car, an in-dash DVD player is the solution for you. Kenwood have recently released their new line of car DVD players, which include a small but intricate TFT screen. The TFT screen is for its length, a high quality screen. Although admittedly no HD large screen, it is still visually quite marvelous. If you fear those sat in the back won't be able to see the screen, well there's no need to worry, as Kenwood have introduced connections that will enable you to plug in a screen elsewhere. Advantageously, you at the front have total control over the film - enabling you to control any misbehavior the kids might be up to at the back. A multi-angle front panel has also been introduced to the Kenwood line, which should allow everyone in the car to see it from whatever angle. It may also be useful in dealing with any glare issues.
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