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Music to Go - Car MP3 Player

by:Gogosunny     2020-08-04
It started with am radios, then fm, on to eight tracks, cassettes and most recently Mp3 cd players. From the beginning of the automobile until now, music and vehicles have gone together. Today the craze is car Mp3 player edition! These fun portable music players have all but replaced the traditional portable CD player and for good reason. Mp3 players do not skip and they allow you to place massive amounts of music in a small area. Now that everyone is going digital, the challenge is to make them usable in a car. This is one reason a car Mp3 player adapters are probably on the wish list of someone you know. Newer cars are being manufactured with the car Mp3 option already installed. All you have to do is dock your device and it is car ready! However, for many of us still driving that car we paid off several years ago the car Mp3 player options are a little different. Equipment will vary of course according to which brand of Mp3 player and what kind of car you have. One of the best choices for the money is a wireless adapter that allows you to take the memory card from your device and play it through your car speakers. These small car mp3 adapters use fm radio frequencies to transmit your favorite tunes through your car stereo system. They run in the neighborhood of $40 and you can pick these up easily online. To go a bit old school there is the cassette car Mp3 player adapter. It is a simple piece of equipment that plugs into your portable device on one end and has a cassette on the other to place in your current cassette player. These are identical to the ones used for the walkman. As car Mp3 player adapters go this one is very inexpensive, however some people find the tape noise aggravating. The type that you need will depend on your device, your vehicle stereo system and above all your taste. Finding the perfect one to fit all of these may take some searching however, it is not an impossible task. Search for your particular car Mp3 player adapter online or at your local retailer. If you go to a retailer, it can be helpful to have your player with you to make sure the hook ups will fit and is compatible with your mp3 music player.
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