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New Product

Established in 2007, Shenzhen Gogosunny Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing electronic products over 12 years experience. We have our own R & D technology department, design team, our own factory, authorized by well-known brands, and continue to cooperate with many large OEM customers which owned thousands of sales stores in the world. With a good quality, our products has been highly rated and loved by millions of customers. Competitive price, Excellent Quality, Fast Delivery, Different pattern model can satisfy your price and quality request, competitive price help you to explore local market and get profit.

Gogosunny has been constantly developing new products to meet different customer’s demand, now we promote a new product “smart thermometer watch”, it is a electronic watch with temperature sensor which can measure body temperature, its over temperature alarm can prevent you from high temperature which maybe caused by some disease or epidemic.

“SMART THERMOMETER BRACELET”, it is a normal smart sport bracelet but it can also measure your body temperature at anytime to avoid high temperature caused by virus 


“SUMMER MINI FAN", as the summer is coming it will be useful in hot weather, in outside activity like watching football game or some outdoor assembly or travelling or waiting in 

a queue etc.

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