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Path to Prosperity: Treat Your Car Like It Is

by:Gogosunny     2020-07-16
At one time or another everyone has had a dream to have a great car...a dream car. You already know the make, the model, the color and everything that's included. You may frequently visit multiple websites and car lots just to make sure you haven't forgotten exactly what you want. So what do you do in the meantime? What can you do to increase the possibilities of attracting your dream car? Treat your current car like it is your dream car. With a Prosperity Mindset you know exactly what you greatest heart's desires; however, there is a critical piece for creating just this. It's important to detach yourself from any negative over the top, 'I'm not going to be happy until' thoughts about your dream car. You will also hear multiple success and Law of Attraction experts talk about 'Acting As If'. By treating your current car like your dream car you are 'Acting As If' you already have your new car. As a result, this prosperity practice opens the doors for your dream car to find you sooner rather than later. Here's how to treat your car like it is your dream car: Complete needed repairs - Whether it's a fender, a windshield or a car seat cover, have it repaired. Take great care of your car's engine with regular oil changes and giving attention to any unusual noises or symptoms that may appear. Check your tires regularly for proper inflation and function. You will get extra miles from your car and feel prosperous while you are driving your current car. Have your car detailed & touched up - After the repairs, have your car completely detailed; deep cleaned from the inside to the outside. You can have this done professionally or get together with a group of friends who want the same for their cars. Dedicate a day to clean all of your cars. Have a great time with this one! Once your car is completely repaired and detailed commit to washing and shining it regularly...caring for it like it was your dream car. Add extra special touches - Now it's time to add special touches to your car that make it feel more and more like your dream car: new wheel covers, car stereo, car mats, seat covers or even check into having a flare painted on the side if that is what you would like. As you continue to practice Prosperity everyday, taking great care of your car will pave the way for your dream car sooner rather than later. If you would like to read more about this subject, research for all 8 articles about '7 Steps To Create an Abundant Life Environment'.
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