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Sunnyway is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gogosunny and it is composed of many senior development technicians who have been engaged in car multimedia field for many years.


They are dedicated to the research and development of all-round products of car mobile phone interconnection, Carlife and Android Auto, such as:

Linux underlying software development
USB underlying driver software development
Bluetooth underlying driver software development
WIFI underlying driver software development
coding and decoding underlying driver software development, high frequency and radio frequency hardware design, vehicular multi-media hardware design, etc.The company keeps close contact with world famous semiconductor companies, like MSTAR, ALLWINER,SUNPLUS,ST,HICHIP, etc, to provide strong technical support for customers.

”Design in strict accordance with the standards of car multimedia” is our design principle!



Our service team will get back to you within 24 hours normally !

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