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The Car DVD Player Buyer's Guide

by:Gogosunny     2020-08-22
Noisy, unruly kids in the car? Passengers bored stiff on a long journey? Add resale value to your vehicle, keep your passengers entertained and concentrate on your driving and enjoy the scenery without having to referee the battles in the back seat! It's not a magic spell- we're talking proven, available technology here: Specifically, a car DVD player. (Imagine the sudden silence from the back seat as the movie , what bliss!) As with all electronics, there are many brands of mobile DVD players available. However, the better brands to look out for are Boss, Toshiba and Sony. Depending on the model, many options are available: AV inputs, wireless capability (think MORE silence as everyone wears a wireless headphone!) and overhead dome lights. In fact, if your purchase decision is driven by keeping the kids entertained, then the wireless capability is in fact a blessing on top of a blessing- (not only does the back seat go quiet and peaceful, you are spared the soundtrack!). Most car DVD players come with high quality screens in sizes ranging from 9 to 11 inches. Most players are also CD compatible, so they can double as a CD player. OK- so now we have the pictures, but what about the sound? The perfect complement to your car DVD player is a quality car surround-sound system. This combination gives you the best of both media worlds in your car. You get the movie-theater/auditorium experience in your car! Accessories available as standard with many overhead mobile DVD players are functional gadgets like a small remote control and an iPod docking station (Imagine the storage capacity and control at your fingertips with this combination! No discs to have floating around the car, no turning around or taking your eyes off the road to make adjustments). Unless you are expert yourself, it is recommended that you make use of professional installation for your system. If you want more flexibility than the fixed, overhead style of players- perhaps you'd want to consider one of the battery-powered (or car cigarette lighter-powered) models that hook over the backrest of the front seat with the screen facing the back seat occupants. This is also the cheaper option and you can readily find one for less than $100. Prices for the overhead models are higher and you can expect to pay in the region of $150-$500 (depending on brand and features).
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