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The Dual Car DVD Player - Flexible Entertainment

by:Gogosunny     2020-08-24
The first car DVD players seemed just about perfect. Finally, there was a way to enjoy something other than a game of 'I Spy' or license plate bingo while on the road. You could pack a few of your favorite movies to keep yourself or a passenger entertained while cruising the highways. Consumers immediately noticed one weakness in these portable entertainment centers, however. In most cases, only some of the passengers could actually keep an eye on the action. One small screen was not enough to keep a car full of people engaged. The dual car DVD player was created to solve that problem. A dual car DVD player works just like a standard car DVD player. It features a main unit that actually plays the DVD and has a means by which to provide audio. The standard player would come with a single monitor that could be mounted on the back of a front seat to provide a view for one, or perhaps two, rear passengers. Alternatively, the monitor could be placed directly in the line of sight of the front passenger. You can arrange the monitors as you see fit to provide an ideal entertainment experience to the occupants of your car, minivan or SUV. A dual car DVD player expands the unit's utility by offering a second monitor. This allows people to watch the show on one of two different screens. Now, one can place a monitor in the back seat and one in the front seat. In some vehicles, it might be nice to put both screens in the rear so that two different children both have a great view of the action. No matter how you arrange your multiple monitors, you will have much more flexibility than those who own standard one-screen versions do. There are not as many dual car DVD player options as there are single-screen models, but buyers still have a nice assortment of models from which to choose. Most automobile manufacturers have units specifically designed for their vehicles as options, and all of the major home and car electronics manufacturers offer at least one dual screen model. The inclusion of the second monitor and the more robust electronics needed to power both images do result in a slightly higher price tag. However, these two-screen wonders are still less expensive than purchasing two separate models. If you're finding it difficult to make things work optimally with a one-screen car DVD player or if you're in the market for your first portable unit and see real value to having multiple monitors, take a long look at the many different dual car DVD player options available. You are sure to find one that will meet your specific needs.
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