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The Operations Performance Objectives of a Car

by:Gogosunny     2020-06-27
Understanding the operations performance objectives will help the managers to better control the company's performance, and guide the managers to develop the company's sources to be appropriate for the long-term strategy. With a continuous review of the objectives, a car audio supplier can maintain the competitive edges in the industry. To classify the operations performance objectives of a car audio supplier, the first thing is to identify the stakeholders of the operations. This group of people may have an impact or an interest in the operation, and may also be influenced by the operations performance. These shareholders can be either internal or external. The internal groups can be as simple as the production line workers who are actually making the car stereo products, or the designers who spend most of their time on the functional development of a car radio. Employees in the marketing team and administration team are also part of the internal groups. On the other hand, the external stakeholders include shareholders of the company, the society and the community groups. Some other external groups may have a direct business relationship with the company, such as the customers who buy the auto radio products, the suppliers who provide spare parts of a car audio, etc. The operations performance objectives of a car audio supplier are supposed to be applied to stakeholder groups, to meet their satisfaction to some degrees. In terms of the internal perspective, a car stereo company has a responsibility to provide a good working environment for its own staffs, such as the continued employment, better working conditions, the fair pay and personal development. In an external perspective, a car radio supplier aims at satisfying its customers' requirements, such as appropriate products or services, dependable and fast delivery, consistent quality, acceptable prices and flexibility. The suppliers as an external groups are also important. An auto radio supplier is supposed to help its suppliers to improve the services they involved. These aspects include continuing business, developing supplier capability and share transparent information. To the shareholders, a car audio supplier is supposed to ensure long-term economic value and ethical value of investment. In the meantime, a car stereo manufacturer has a responsibility not to have a negative influence to the society, and can help increase employment, produce sustainable products, ensure clean environment and enhance community well-being. The operations performance objectives in a broad sense are trying to satisfy the above stakeholders, and can influence the decision-making on all operations. However, a more strictly defined set of objectives is generally applied at an operational level, which can be applied to all types of operations, including the car radio suppliers. Below is an introduction of the five basic operations performance objectives. For a manager of an auto radio supplier, his decision on an operational level focuses on the final contribution to competitive edges. 1. The quality objective. To deliver a quality advantage is the first objective. A car audio supplier aims at avoiding making mistakes and trying to satisfy its customers by offering error-free products and services. Of course, the goods and services are supposed to be fit for the customers' purposes. 2. The speed objective. To achieve a speed advantage, a car stereo manufacture is supposed to increase the availability of goods and services, which is normally done by minimizing the time from ordering to finishing of the goods and services. 3. The dependability objective. The dependability advantage requires a car radio supplier to do the things on time. This will help keep the delivery promise to the customers and satisfy the needs. 4. The flexibility objective. To provide the flexibility advantage to customers is also important. An auto radio manufacturer is supposed to be able to adopt different activities to meet the unexpected requirements of the customers, or even provide the individual treatment. 5. The cost objective. The cost advantage is also important to the customers. Customers will only have a second purchase of the car audio products if they are produced at lower cost. The supplier must provide an acceptable price of the product appropriately for the market.
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