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The Rise of the MP3 Player But Not the Death of the CD

by:Gogosunny     2020-08-05
If you are looking into getting a new stereo system for your car, you might be worried with all the talk of car mp3 players that by updating your stereo system you will have to abandon your CDs. Although it is true that cassette players were completely replaced by CD players in car stereos, as tapes were replaced by CDs themselves, this is not happening in the same way with mp3 car stereos. When choosing a car stereo today it is not a choice between listening to mp3s or your older CDs. You do not need to think that you are being old-fashioned if you want to buy a system with a CD player, nor do you have to worry about that stereo being out of date in a few years. Most of the modern stereo systems available in shops today integrate both CDs and mp3s. CD-Rs and CD-RWs are, after all, one of the ways of transferring mp3 tracks to your car and the designers of stereos take this into account. So, if you don't fancy transferring all your CDs onto an mp3 player, or you are unsure about how to work with the mp3 format, you don't need to worry. A joint mp3/CD player is easy to find and could be exactly what you need. Installing a joint CD and mp3 player in your car means you can listen to the CDs you want and, if you have an mp3 player as well (or you know someone who does), then, using a simple cable connection, you can plug that player directly into your dashboard. You can move with the times without abandoning the music you love or having to fuss over converting files. There is no need to worry about seeming out of date or being confused by the ins and outs of mp3s.
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