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What To Look For In An RC Buggy

by:Gogosunny     2020-09-01
RC cars have come on a long way in the past 20 years. They are no longer a toy that gets driven round the house and abandoned in the cupboard. The RC car industry has grown up and has become a motor sport in its self. Spares, hop ups, professional leagues and advertising have all made the rc car industry into a viable sport. RC Buggies have been around since the beginning and often offer a much more exhilarating experience than a track car. The ability to go off road and the practical indestructibility of these scale models make them an attractive option. What should you look for when you buy a buggy. The first important choice is nitro, petrol or electric. You may automatically assume that nitro and petrol are the fastest option. You would be wrong. With the coming of brushless technology electric models are just as fast as nitro, its just a matter of preference really but electric models do have a number of advantages. Electric brushless models have one major advantage. Noise. Nitro buggies can be extremely loud and although this is usually music to the ears of the enthusiast not everybody feels the same. Sound restrictions are usually in place and it is more difficult to find somewhere to bash a nitro buggy. Nitro buggies have a quicker turn around when it comes to refueling, you just need to top up the tank. Electric buggies need re-charging which could take over an hour however this problem can be overcome by having a set of battery packs rather than just one. You should ensure you go for a brushless electric buggy as this is the fastest and most efficient design. Brushless buggies can reach speeds of over 60mph compared to 30 or 40 with a standard motor. Look for adjust ability. You may not realize it but you will need to tweak here there and everywhere to get the best performance. Look for a fully adjustable rear wing so you can change the amount of down force. Four wheel drive and a fully ball raced system is much better than the standard 2 wheel drive and a good set of soft grip rubber tires. RC Buggies can be a lot of fun and will give you all the thrills and spills of full sized motor racing.
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