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Why New Head Units Make Driving Much Safer

by:Gogosunny     2020-09-07
As you might have already known, there are a lot of new head unit models that are available today. The old models no longer exist and in fact news has just come in that Sony will no longer be producing the old cassette player Walkman, you know the one you used to brag about and show off in school. Not only is the walkman no longer in production, old types of radio receivers as well as other cassette players are no longer in production today. As what I have constantly said in my articles, gone are the days where long antennas are attached on the car's side panels and gone are the days of endless knob turning just to get the right channel on the radio. One of the many great features that make the new head units safer for both the driver and the passenger are its ease and comfort during use. With the old models or receivers, you will need to do a lot of adjustments as well as need to keep on looking at the unit so it can be properly fine tuned and made to function properly. The new unit models will require very less interaction. With the help of a good color scheme and paint job, the labels on the controls are very clear and they are more organized for more ease and usability. New technologies are made to be user friendly nowadays. The buttons are clearer and presets are now allowed, thus you can adjust the receiver according to the radio station you want to listen to or play your favorite music with just a few button presses. Another great feature that you can avail of with regards to the new head unit models are their screen monitors. Their screen monitors can display a lot more clearly and more effectively. If I remember clearly, old receivers had these very fine dials where you had to align the indicator to the markings just so you can get the signal from the station. Nowadays, with just a press of a button, the unit model will search the station for you and will adjust itself automatically to get the best and clearest signal possible. Bigger head unit monitors, like the ones on new models can provide you with touch screen and can serve as a text message screen display as well as an incoming call or dial display. The best feature with these head units however is the Bluetooth connectivity. A new unit model coupled with a compatible Bluetooth device might effectively be a life saver. It eliminates the need to use your hands in playing your audio files through voice activation or voice command. What's more is that it also allows you to connect your mobile phone, this way, you can just say 'dial Mr. Jones' and the head unit can dial it for you. When you receive text messages, your monitor can intercept it and display it, thus eliminates the need for you to answer your phone and allows you to keep your eyes focused on the road.
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